Who I Am


Hi there! I’m Nicole, a mama of 3 wild kiddos, wife to a grumpy, wonderful man, and photographer of life.


I LOVE taking pictures of real life. I’ve been doing photography for several years now, and have experimented with all types, but I keep coming back to documentary and real-life photography. There’s something magical about capturing REAL interactions, and REAL moments. After all….when I look back at my kids’ childhoods, I’m going to remember the sticky fingers, the wild reality of every day, and the tight hugs and kisses. I probably won’t remember the time that we all got dressed up and stood in a field for family photos (although I definitely still get those done and think they have a place in our homes!).

I also am a passionate advocate of surrogacy, a big time reader (when I can squeeze a few minutes of quiet into my daily schedule!), a lover of carbs (ughhhh I know I need to knock them out, but they’re so yummy!), a huge fan of watching my kids play Little League, ride horses, swim, and whatever activities they might dream up. Occasionally my husband and I even get to sneak out for a date night.

I’m so happy to be a Northern California photographer, available for capturing your family’s real moments.

Contact me here for more information! I would love to work with you!