Storytelling Sessions

Ahhh… photography. Be still my heart! Once I realized that I could not only do what I love, photography, but that I could also incorporate my passion for helping families create priceless memories into it, I was hooked!

There is something about arriving at a client’s home, on a Saturday morning, while everyone is still in their jammies, and documenting the little moments that make up a family that just gets to my heart. I am beyond blessed to be able to help families in Chico, CA and the surrounding areas produce heirloom images, for not only themselves, but their children and someday their grandchildren!!

Storytelling sessions are truly a slice of life – a peek into all of the details that make up a childhood, a life.

You can choose to document your daily routines – be it a pancake breakfast, a dance party, family game time, a trip to the ice cream parlor, etc. The possibilities are endless! Whatever event is precious to you, and your family is what I want to help you remember!