Fresh 48 Model Call

Fresh 48 sessions (or “freshies” in the back of my brain) truly are my very favorite types of sessions. Catching all of the sweet brand-new-baby details in a way that honors a new families story is the height of what being a photographer is about for me.

Since the Camp Fire, we have moved to a new town. Roseville is so fun and much more fast-paced than what we were used to! We are starting to settle in and I’m starting to find my “favorites” – grocery store, gas station, library, all the things that make up a family’s life. One thing that is MISSING is my freshie time! I am so ready to take on some new Fresh 48 clients!

I am looking for THREE families to receive discounted Fresh 48 sessions. Deliveries should be at Kaiser Roseville or Sutter Roseville. Due dates should be on or before 2/28/2019. Please apply here for consideration. Applications will close at midnight on 1/29/19.

I’m so excited to talk with you and to capture such a special time for your family!


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