Birth Photography Model Call


Birth. It is so many things! It is hard, it is (a bit!) scary, it is often a marathon! But it is also beautiful, and empowering, and courageous! There are only a small handful of times in life that a woman uses her entire being to do something as selfless as grow a human and then PUSH THAT HUMAN OUT OF HER BODY!

There are few other times that involve as much emotion, either. Catching those raw moments are what I live for!

Old Fashioned Dreamer Photography is looking for 5 expecting mothers who are due in August 2018 or later to participate in a model call. Models will receive 75% off of a birth session. Images from the session will be used for advertising and put on social media, but model will be able to approve images.

I am looking for all types of birth: Hospital birth, home birth, scheduled csection, underwater mermaid birth……(you get the idea!)

Applications will be accepted until May 15, so apply today!

Click Here to Apply!





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